Welcome to Stockholm







Göta Lejon  



You can meet a lot of crazy people in Stockholm  



rain day first off day







Llittle Persia  






for all who missed the boot, that is how it looked like  















never leave your photocamera unattened Thanks Nadim







one of many birthdays  



Tyresta Nationalpark  



















The icebar  






Thanks Seumas  






Swedish power  












One of the many free rabbits in Stockholm photogrfiska museum



How is your wife and kids today?????? I missed it in Germany, but i made it in Stockholm



silver grog night  















the midevelrestaurant  









The white room  



for two daies there was a laptop in my bike basket???  



Who is father??? Who is son???






without words  

















Welcome to Vienna




Load in  




finally Lamont was back and Clare was back



  the dream team



Stockholm meets Vienna four people in my flat



Glorietta Schönbrunn



the pride of a man never leave a snowman unattened if the Brays around




  He was so pretty



Gravity of a snowman  










our famous Mozart expert in Slowakien TV  











the way back was so much faster  





















poker night  




the rest before the storm  







you shall not pass  






New Years night  








Thank you Paul  




The Hulskamp boys Goodbyeparty




the special guest  




what the f... was so funny  










Thanks for a lot of fun in the last four month. Have a great time and see you soon. Tack




Welcome to Zürich














Who shut in your handbag  



The fun in the snow

the perfekt snowman at 1 am. On Mount Pilatus




sledging, so much fun  










The birthday tour







a other trio from hell  







  Dreams come true




why do i get always that reaction??  




  dedicated to Bonnie







  Scotty that´s the pic



the haircompetition open your eyes



  how many people fit in my place???



the band with special abilitys thanks for the music








good for orientation in the morning the tower




Easter or for some the easter nightmare brunch

activ easter rabbits  








thanks for all the lovely flowers friends from the fatherschland




The Paiste Tour to Luzern  





The secret deals " how much for a cymbal???"  




  handmade, i was really impressed








Lamont at his best, smile  




"Hey i am funny, that is a random fact dude" "don´t be that guy"

One of many food conventions




party Steve and party Jason








Someone made this kids happy Rheinfall










Yatta!!! and it was so much fun
we are so lucky




the icecream crew




Thanks to everyone, that was a lot of fun, i had a brilliant time in Zürich!!!!