Welcome to my New Zealand



I met a lot of crazy people. I mean you can see that. And i know Rivendell does´t exist.




Two guys from a not exiting island, looking for rivendal

The bride and the vamp together unbeatable





Never had a better Halloween




Niina, one of the crazy germans on this trip Davvvvvvvvve, davvvvvvvvving around




Thomas, who survived with two Germans in room 8. It´s hard to be me, but i am much better in it.





Flower power girls Stefan, who showed us great films, like "price of milk"




The goodby party from the crazy french It was crazzzzyyyyyyyy





Sandrien and Sebastian That was a crazy night, Anneke and me tap dancing.




The real street survivers, the whisler and the stupid girl



Thats how you look, when you cook german food. This hand in front of my face comes from a island which does´t exist.




Bloody Blenheim

The grapevine backpacker ( big hi to Diana and Rob ) with all the funny people inside.




Stefan, welsh freak Hiroko my japanes teacher, urusai obasan




Toby, the welsh loser Grapevine








My favourite picture and Hiroko and Ken try to steal my car, but they had no chance. I was nice and borrowed them the car. They will make shine with me for that sentence.




The japanes Karate gang The crazy Uno plaiers






Japanes Yamakasi Philippe and Regis, who survived my first car ride, thanks








Who is the owner of this t-shirt ? It was in my luggage after Blenheim.  





Christmas in Takaka

The crazy christmas crew Anneke, my tap partner had many languages to explain something.




Christmas haka from Regis and Ben The christmas angels drunk




The trip from Christmas to New Year on the westcoast from Takaka to Wanaka

Franz Joseph Glacier  



It was pretty stormy The pancake rocks



This night we slept in the car and around us everthing under water We were waiting the whole day, it took a while until you found us.




The crazy three New Year in Wanaka on the camping ground




I have no idea, what was so funny, but i remember that i had fun. The crazy team, where is Regis?, changing the t shirt.





The way from Arrowtown to Queenstown The view from top of the mountain to Queenstown




Our first night in Queenstown  







He looks here really friendly, but the irish laugh, mean Our best cook ever and the best x-ray story ever.




Reunion island guys take care of each other  





The view from the skyline restaurant. How can someone work under this circumstances ?




By work with my crazy colleges Michaela and Tamara




Crazy Richard and Michaela and the dream team wall




The hard worker, dream on.  





Glooper Ken, who tried to get me under control





Mohamad The Alexis lodge crew with the indish girl, big smile.




Sebastian, the third person from Reunion Island  




Milford Sound

Milford Sound I was so near a damn icecream, lucky Davvvvvvvve









My japanes flatmate gang and me









A trip to Arrowtown and Iso and I crossed the river many many times





I never said that i am not crazy and a good pooltable player







The way back up north

The car cleaning crew, Ulrike and Paula  





She is not urusai obasan, she is japanes Audrey Thats how i spent my last day in New Zealand






Can not wait to go back there / Thanks Phil for the new pictures/ Thanks Stefan for the pics